Toni´s Einspritzpumpen

Toni´s Einspritzpumpen

Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance
Diesel Austauscheinspritzpumpen und Austauschduesen so wie Ersatzteile im Onlineshop


We are closed for holidays from July 1st, 2021 to August 15th, 2021

If you would like to send the old part in during our vacation time, please use the following address:

Nix-wie-hin Poststation
z.h. Tonis Einspritzpumpen
Hermannstr. 216-219
12049 Berlin

ATTENTION: We do not commission injection pumps with a control element or electronic components!

We are a specialized workshop for mechanical – vintage diesel injection pumps and diesel injection nozzles in a central location of Berlin and offer:


We have injection pumps of various designs and various manufacturers in our warehouse.

If you cannot find a specific injection pump or injection nozzle among the items, please contact us!

Everything is not always listed immediately!

We promise service!

Our competent, friendly employees look after you personally and ensure smooth service.

Testing for your plug-in pumps, A-series pumps, distributor pumps, M – pumps & DPA pumps:

For prices for a test of your P pumps, please contact us beforehand.

When sending in your injection pump / injection nozzles, please note the following:

After the repair and maintenance of the pumps and nozzles, the following must be observed!


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Toni´s Einspritzpumpen
Repair & Service


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